Marketing & Distribution

At Fordras, we believe our customers are our most important assets. Consequently, we strive to provide them with products of the highest quality, with innovative applications and the best customer service.

Our products are marketed and distributed worldwide, directly or through a network of highly reputable distributors for each industry we serve.

Due to the versatility of our products in general, and of Lysozyme in particular, Fordras serves customers in several industries that require different expertise for their individual needs. Fordras refers to the Bioseutica’s staff experts in each attended market. These skilled professionals interact with our distributors and/or directly with the end users, to address each and every question that they might have.

In cheese making, Bioseutica , offers complete customer service for the food safety of cheesemaker, with testing of milk for Clostridia tyrobutyricum at the Vermont Institute of Artisanal Cheese in Burlington and at Bioseutica’s laboratory in Taverne, Switzerland. We provide complete and accurate diagnosis with dosage recommendations based on your need. Our choices of packaging can be tailored to suit your particular requirements.