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A polypeptide enzyme produced by all organisms, Lysozyme is present in humans, mainly in saliva, breast milk and tears.

Lysozyme has been called “an endogenous antibiotic” because of its organic nature and its three well-known main characteristics:

A anti-bacterial
B anti-viral and
C immunological

Consequently, hen egg white Lysozyme has been used for over 50 years in human therapy for the treatment of a variety of conditions, particularly viral and bacterial infections.

Hen egg white Lysozyme has been especially effective as a prescription drug for use in the treatment of viral forms (such as Herpes zoster), localized or systemic inflammatory processes and gastrointestinal disturbances, especially in formula fed infants.

Because of its versatility, Lysozyme has been successfully used to heal wounds, particularly bed-sores, and as a marker in the therapy of acute and chronic urinary tract infections. Lysozyme has an analgesic effect when administered to patients suffering from cancer and has been used in the prophylaxis and therapy of leucopenia, induced by certain types of radiations.

Following broader developments of more advanced synthetic drugs, the pharmaceutical use of Lysozyme in the Western hemisphere decreased. In the Far East, however, where natural remedies continue to be favored, Lysozyme is still used extensively in pharmaceutical applications. Japan in particular considers Lysozyme a highly effective therapeutic drug and has is available for the consumers in a variety of forms, such as an over-the-counter (OTC) cold remedy, lozenges for sore throats, medicated eye-drops, etc.

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