Research & Development

Fordras S.A. licenced the R&D tradition of SOLAR CHEMICAL S.A. – SPA Società Prodotti Antibiotici and Bioseutica, a group of European bio-pharmaceutical companies, which, over the years, has led to the filing of numerous patents throughout the world.

Our competitive edge comes in great part from the experience and knowledge of Bioseutica.

Bioseutica’s ability is to remain at the forefront of innovation through proprietary products, technologies and applications, having invested from the inception in important resources toward research and development. Consequently, Bioseutica BV holds several patents and patents pending on a broad range of applications for egg-derived proteins and other biological products. In fact, Bioseutica was the first company to recognise the value of Lysozyme in the food industries.

Later, Bioseutica BV and its world-class staff of scientists and researchers led the way in developing the use of Lysozyme in wine-making and brewing. Through these efforts, Bioseutica was able to obtain important use patents associated with the application of Lysozyme in fermented beverages.

Currently, Bioseutica continues to lead the way by financing new research programs, in- house as well as at prestigious institutions such as University of Gent, Oregon State University, Università di Udine, ITV France, AWRI (Australian Wine Research Institute) and The University of Wisconsin.

Additionally, Bioseutica BV has been a forerunner in developing the use of Avidin as a marker in the treatment of tumors. This particular research program, initiated in 1994 in collaboration with the European Institute of Oncology, is entering its final phase this year. This revolutionary radioimmunology technique “which has showed virtually no toxicity, has successfully been applied to the treatment of a brain tumor called gliobastoma1

Current and future research programs are dedicated to the development of new applications for Lysozyme, Avidin and Ovalbumin for human and animal health, in consumer products and in the food markets, as well as to the production and uses of additional synergic natural products.

At Bioseutica we believe that in order to successfully bring one’s R&D pipeline to market, it is necessary to establish a rigorous and effective Regulatory program. In this case, once again Bioseutica has been the leader. Through the strength of its’ pharmaceutical background along with sensitivity to the safety needs of the consumers, Bioseutica often anticipated government regulations. As shown in the timetable below, Bioseutica was the first company to obtain important recognitions and approval from governmental agencies and organizations, including GRAS status. Today, Bioseutica remains the only company with a Drug Master File for the use of Lysozyme in pharmaceutical applications. Recently, thanks to Bioseutica’s efforts, Lysozyme was approved for use in organic products by the USDA.

Currently, Bioseutica is interacting with both the European Commission and the TTB to address the issue of labeling in certain foods, obtained CGMP certification for the production of Avidin at its expanded laboratory facility in Switzerland.